Best Inspirational Words From Business Leaders in 2012

Best Inspirational Words From Business Leaders in 2012 found on

  1. Running a company is like playing a video game, James Park, CEO, Fitbit
  2. A leader should take the secrecy away, Mark Leslie, former chairman and CEO, Veritas Software
  3. Having fun makes you more innovative, Barbara Corcoran, founder, The Corcoran Group
  4. Praise good work to keep employees happy, Ross McCammon, the Esquire guy
  5. Believe that you are No. 1, Ben Lamm, CEO, Chaotic Moon
  6. Taking the more difficult road will have the bigger impact, Steve Case, founder, Revolution
  7. Small businesses have the same problems as the big guys, Christopher Myers, CEO, BodeTree
  8. Conquer the insurmountable, Jackie Summers, co-founder, Jack from Brooklyn
  9. Learn to be a coach and mentor, Ed Hess, professor at University of Virginia’sDarden School of Business
  10. Act despite your fear, Linda Sapadin, psychologist
  11. Give your brand an emotional connection, Mike Bisceglia, president, Stauer
  12. Redirect the agenda, Jim Stengel, branding consultant
  13. Don’t mess with moms, Elisa Camahort Page, COO, BlogHer
  14. Craft a better call to action, Michael Becker, managing director for North America, Mobile Marketing Association
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